Jerry’s Vision of Racial Equality

Pittsburgh’s white-Black residential segregation is among the worst in America, while the city is home to some of the nation’s starkest racial disparities, which have only grown worse as a result of the pandemic. A moral reckoning is upon us. It’s time for a new moral vision and new leadership.

The dire health outcomes linked to poverty between white and Black residents are some of the worst in the country. Pittsburgh has one of the highest rates of occupation segregation between whites and Blacks in America. Black men have some of the lowest average incomes. Today, racial disparities pervade almost every aspect of police activity in Pittsburgh. And the acceleration of gentrification has turned Pittsburgh into a Tale of Two Cities. 

Our collective moral imperative is to end Pittsburgh’s segregated past and present, rectify our severe racial disparities and to become a world-class city of racial equality. Our future success depends on a moral vision that residents feel they can identify with and attach themselves to. 

Jerry has a plan and a vision to leverage the full weight of the federal government, in partnership with local and state governments and the private sector, to pursue one of the nation’s boldest and most sweeping efforts to rectify and address decades of failed policies and practices in the region, and to take his vision of racial equality to Congress to bring transformative change and progress nationally. 

This is our vision. 

This is our moral imperative. 

As a father of two Black daughters, Jerry believes whether we choose to pursue this vision and embrace this imperative will be the defining characteristic of our generation.

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