Protecting Our Democracy

Our democracy is facing an all out assault from the far right. I support the John Lewis Voting Right Act, which would restore protections for minority voters that were gutted from the Voting Rights Act by the Supreme Court in 2013. I also support the Freedom to Vote Act, the Judiciary Act (2021), and the Protecting Our Democracy Act. 

Since the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, dark money has flooded our political system. Republicans and Democrats alike have been beneficiaries of these lax campaign finance laws. It’s time for this corruption to end. I support the For The People Act, to overturn Citizens United, adopt a small-dollar fundraising model for federal campaigns, and bring greater financial disclosure limitations on political contributions

Jerry's Priorities

  1. Jobs & The Economy
  2. Rebuilding Our Infrastructure
  3. Medicare For All
  4. Ending Gun Violence
  5. Clean Air & Water
  6. Protecting Our Democracy
  7. Racial Justice
  8. LGBTQI+ Rights
  9. Reproductive Rights