Rebuilding Our Infrastructure

My wife and daughters and I drove across the Fern Hollow Bridge every day. We’re grateful no one was seriously injured when it collapsed. But over 170 other bridges in our region are rated in ”poor quality”—on the brink of collapse.

The federal government needs to play a major role in repairing our roads and bridges so that similar tragedies don’t occur. That’s why I support President Biden’s Infrastructure bill.

As a constitutional law professor, I’m well equipped to go to Congress and make sure Pittsburgh receives funding that will rebuild our roads and bridges, improve our public transportation, and make daily commutes safer and more reliable for everyone.

Jerry's Priorities

  1. Jobs & The Economy
  2. Rebuilding Our Infrastructure
  3. Medicare For All
  4. Ending Gun Violence
  5. Clean Air & Water
  6. Protecting Our Democracy
  7. Racial Justice
  8. LGBTQI+ Rights
  9. Reproductive Rights