Racial Justice

As a Black man in America, I know the trauma and humiliation of being punched, kicked and violently slammed to the ground by a police officer. 

I look back on that terrifying moment in my life realizing that I could have been Pittsburgh’s George Floyd ten years earlier. I wasn’t, and I’m blessed for that. But I’m moved to tell my story so that millions of other Blacks boys, who will suffer the same fate as I did, can know that they can rebound and overcome the painful experience of being brutalized by a police officer. If anything, the experience strengthened my resolve to keep fighting for justice.

I support abolishing private prisons, banning solitary confinement, investing in restorative justice and rehabilitative programs, and greater accountability of law enforcement, including body cams and independent review boards. 

I believe Congress can and should act to reform federal sentencing guidelines, incentivize local governments to end cash bail, decriminalize recreational marijuana use, limit federal civil asset forfeitures, ban federal executions and halt the militarization of local police forces.

I also believe the federal government has a role to play in rectifying the lingering effects of slavery and the legacy of Jim Crow laws. In Congress, I will support federal legislation to create a reparations commission and introduce legislation to implement a nationwide reparations program.

Jerry's Priorities

  1. Jobs & The Economy
  2. Rebuilding Our Infrastructure
  3. Medicare For All
  4. Ending Gun Violence
  5. Clean Air & Water
  6. Protecting Our Democracy
  7. Racial Justice
  8. LGBTQI+ Rights
  9. Reproductive Rights