Health Care

Health disparities in Pittsburgh are some of the worst in the country. Black mothers in Pittsburgh are three times more likely compared to white mothers to give birth to extremely low weight babies. Black infant mortality rate is much higher than white babies in Pittsburgh and across the country, while fetal deaths are two times more likely among Black women compared to white women. In fact, the inequality between white and Black maternal mortality rates in Pittsburgh is greater than in most other cities. As the gap widens in health outcomes and the rise of health care costs outpaces earnings, families are left suffering with illnesses that lead to bills they can’t afford. We can do better. We need comprehensive health care reform to ensure that all Americans have the coverage they need and to address health systems that contribute to disparities in health outcomes.

Jerry supports Medicare for All. He will fight for universal coverage, lower the costs of prescription drugs, advocate for resources for women’s reproductive care, and support universal paid family and sick leave. Underlying the poor health and economic disparities across race in Pittsburgh is individual and structural racism and sexism against women of color. Jerry’s healthcare agenda aims to transform the institutions that perpetuate these inequities by sponsoring federal programs to increase the number of Black health care providers, impose stringent reporting requirements over fair treatment practices of patients and reduce broader socioeconomic inequities faced by Pittsburgh’s Black women.

Jerry's Priorities

  1. Climate Crisis
  2. Closing the Wage Gap
  3. Criminal Justice Reform
  4. Education
  5. Gentrification and Affordable Housing
  6. Gun Reform
  7. Health Care
  8. Jobs, Wages, and the Economy
  9. LGBTQI+ Rights
  10. Money in Politics
  11. Police Reform
  12. Voting Rights and Elections
  13. Women’s Equality