Gun Reform

The gun violence epidemic has reached catastrophic levels. A lack of gun restrictions has caused a surge in hate crimes and mass killings affecting communities from every corner of the United States — including right here in Pittsburgh. The Second Amendment is not absolute.

As a constitutional law professor, Jerry teaches Second Amendment cases to his students and he will lead the national conversation on the Second Amendment and take aggressive steps to give Congress more power to regulate gun ownership and sales.

Jerry plans to lead sweeping gun safety initiatives. He will fight to enact a federal assault weapons ban, limit the sale of large magazines, restrict the number of guns a person can stockpile, impose universal gun registration and background checks, forbid sales to those under 21, and repeal and override concealed carry laws nationwide. Furthermore,, Jerry supports Congress encouraging States to implement and maintain firearm licensing requirements through incentivizing grants. Likewise, Jerry believes Congress should forbid the transfer of firearms to persons who have lost their State license to purchase, own, or possess a firearm.

Jerry's Priorities

  1. Climate Crisis
  2. Closing the Wage Gap
  3. Criminal Justice Reform
  4. Education
  5. Gentrification and Affordable Housing
  6. Gun Reform
  7. Health Care
  8. Jobs, Wages, and the Economy
  9. LGBTQI+ Rights
  10. Money in Politics
  11. Police Reform
  12. Voting Rights and Elections
  13. Women’s Equality
  14. Youth Engagement
  15. Reparations
  16. Immigration