Climate Crisis

Pittsburgh has the eighth-worst air quality in the country. The climate crisis poses an existential threat to our planet and an immediate threat to our communities — the time for bold, ambitious action is now.

Jerry supports a Green New Deal to expand sustainable energy industries, create millions of good-paying union jobs, rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, and transition away from fossil fuels to 100% clean and renewable energy by 2030. Specifically, Jerry supports federal legislation that directs funding to local and state governments, Native American tribes and other territories to address specific localized climate issues in furtherance of Green New Deal programs and initiatives.

Jerry also plans to create a federal environmental justice program specifically catered to addressing the historic injustices of pollution and hazardous wastes in Black and Brown communities. Jerry also believes we must address the disparate impact of climate change on women and people of color and enact programs that support efforts of marginalized groups globally to address climate change.

As a constitutional law professor, Jerry plans to advocate strongly for the US Attorney’s office of the Western District of Pennsylvania to target unlawful environmental practices by polluters and hold them accountable. 

Jerry's Priorities

  1. Climate Crisis
  2. Closing the Wage Gap
  3. Criminal Justice Reform
  4. Education
  5. Gentrification and Affordable Housing
  6. Gun Reform
  7. Health Care
  8. Jobs, Wages, and the Economy
  9. LGBTQI+ Rights
  10. Money in Politics
  11. Police Reform
  12. Voting Rights and Elections
  13. Women’s Equality
  14. Youth Engagement
  15. Reparations
  16. Immigration