Jerry Dickinson Applauds Passage of the House Infrastructure Bill

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PITTSBURGH — Today, Jerry Dickinson, candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Pennsylvania’s 18th district, applauded Congress for passing the historic $1.2 trillion infrastructure package. 

In a statement, Dickinson said:

“This is a historic piece of legislation that will revitalize our roads, bridges, highways, waterways, and public transportation systems. It is a transformational bill that directly impacts our communities by creating millions of jobs, including union jobs. 

“Now more than ever do we need the federal government to provide communities, states, and local governments with the necessary resources to address climate change, infrastructure, and unemployment. The Pittsburgh region will benefit immensely from the package. 

“Congress still has a lot more work to do to invest social and economic resources for families and communities, but I’m confident that the successful passage of the infrastructure bill now will open the door to additional pieces of transformational legislation.”

Jerry Dickinson is a constitutional law professor at the University of Pittsburgh, and a Democratic candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district. A product of the foster system in Pittsburgh, Dickinson saw firsthand the systematic challenges that cause and perpetuate social and racial inequality. He beat the odds and has dedicated his life to tackling the structural problems he has witnessed and lived through. In Congress, he will bring the energy and perspective needed to lift those left behind, and truly create opportunity for all.

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