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Jerry’s journey through life does not look like most. Born into poverty, he was separated from his parents at a young age. He came up through the Allegheny County foster care system, and was placed in a multiracial foster home that sheltered 11 altogether. From there, the statistics said he was more likely to end up on government assistance for the majority of his life than to graduate from high school, less college. But Jerry was determined to break the trend—and he did.

That lived experience had a profound impact on Jerry. He worked hard, attended college on a scholarship, and became a civil rights attorney working to preserve affordable housing. Today, Jerry is a Constitutional Law Professor at the University of Pittsburgh, a husband, and a father to two little girls. Now, he’s running for Congress because he has seen too many status-quo politicians who are more focused on “fighting” than actually delivering for their communities. Getting results in Congress won’t be easy—but Jerry has always found a way to get things done. 

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In Congress, I will work hard to pass policies that help families and children during this challenging time. For me, it is about helping working families, and I will stand up to anyone who tries to hold up meaningful change just to score political points.

  1. Jobs & The Economy
  2. Rebuilding Our Infrastructure
  3. Medicare For All
  4. Ending Gun Violence
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