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Meet Jerry

Jerry’s journey through life does not look like most. Born into poverty, he was separated from his parents at a young age. He came up through the Allegheny County foster care system, and was placed in a multiracial foster home that sheltered 11 altogether. From there, the statistics said he was more likely to end up on government assistance for the majority of his life than to graduate from high school, less college. But Jerry was determined to break the trend—and he did.

Today, Jerry is a constitutional law professor at the University of Pittsburgh, a human rights activist, a community advocate, a husband, and a father. He believes his unlikely story of success should not be so unlikely. In Congress, he will bring the energy and perspective needed to lift those left behind, and truly create opportunity for all.

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As a national constitutional law expert, Jerry will fight in Congress to combat the climate crisis, reform our broken health care system, and make Pittsburgh a world-class city of racial equality.

  1. Racial Justice
  2. Climate Change
  3. Health Care
  4. Gentrification and Affordable Housing
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