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Jerry’s pathway into politics is not typical. He came up through the Allegheny County foster care system after being separated from his biological parents at a young age. He was placed in a multiracial foster home that sheltered 11 altogether, and was finally adopted by the foster parents, Robert and Judy. Jerry’s family has faced poverty, and he knows first hand the challenges that so many families in Western Pennsylvania face.

Today, Jerry is a constitutional law professor at the University of Pittsburgh, a human rights activist, a community advocate, a husband, and a father. Now, he’s running for Congress to bring a new vision of change and progress to the Pittsburgh region.

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As a national constitutional law expert, Jerry will fight in Congress to combat the climate crisis, reform our broken health care system, and make Pittsburgh a world-class city of racial equality.

  1. Police Reform
  2. Criminal Justice Reform
  3. Climate Crisis
  4. Health Care
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